Hearing Aids for Eligible Pensioners and Veterans

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Why now?
Will this affect the level of service?
How does this benefit you?
When and where?

Value Hearing has been extending our exceptional services and optimal long-term outcomes to clients eligible for the Hearing Services Program Voucher scheme starting early 2018.

For Eight (8) years (up to 2018) Value Hearing prided itself on providing the best level of service and outcomes to self-funded Australians. Throughout this time we worked diligently to continuously improve our client services and the outcomes we deliver consistently. Our internal research conducted mid-2017 showed that we had achieved industry-leading outcomes for our clients over the long term. This corroborated all the fantastic reviews and testimonials we are receiving on a daily basis.

Why so late in the journey?

We have had many pensioners and veterans approach us for assistance over the years, only to be disappointed that we did not provide services under the Hearing Services Program (HSP).  Some decided to self-fund, just to obtain the benefits that our unique processes deliver. Most however were advised by us that they might be better off financially staying with a provider that could offer them all the benefits the HSP program has attached to it.

We also found that some of our own clients became eligible for government support after enjoying our services. They were often left with the difficult choice of staying with us and paying privately or choosing another provider who could help them benefit from their generous government subsidy. 

After much thought and deliberation, Value Hearing has applied for and is now accredited under the Hearing Services Program. As a result, we have been offered a contract to provide services to eligible pensioners and veterans. 

Does this affect the level of service?

We believe that our streamlined processes combined with industry-leading systems and technology will allow us to serve pensioners and veterans without adding overhead or distraction from our goal of exceptional client outcomes. This means that we can focus on you and your optimal long-term benefit,  rather than on making sure we tick all the boxes required by the government, as is frequently the case.

We look forward to delivering our unique way of providing optimal outcomes to those who were unable to benefit from our services before. We will continue improving our level of services to both our self-funded and HSP clients. We are excited about the opportunity to do for pensioners and veterans what we have already achieved for our self-funded clients.

We will be treating clients under the HSP system no different from the way we treat our private clients. The only change in our view is who pays for the services. We even go as far as sourcing the very best fully subsidised hearing aids available at any time. This means even if you choose a fully subsidised hearing aid under the program, you'll end up with one that offers the best features and capabilities.

How does this benefit you?

  • You are now able to choose to stay with Value Hearing if you become eligible for government support without sacrificing the level of service you have become accustomed to.
  • You can now more easily help your friends by referring them to us, without having to worry whether we can help them or not.
  • Our focus on improving and systematising our back-office processes to give us more time to focus on you, will mean our services to will continue to improve over time.
  • Those who are on a pension, but chose to see us privately in the past, may also transfer the pension component of their services to Value Hearing, for a more consistent experience.
  • More people with hearing loss can enjoy the unprecedented levels of service and outcomes previously available only to self-funded clients. This may lead to more convenient locations and better levels of service over time.

When and Where?

HSP services are available in all of our clinics:

If you are unsure whether or not you are entitled to government support, you can refer to our article on hearing aid funding here. We have been surprised at the large number of clients who were not aware of the eligibility when we ask them during consultations. So please ask us to look into it for you if you are over the age of 65 and uncertain if you qualify. 

Feel Free to call us on 1800 157 429 with any questions or concerns.