Why are we offering a comprehensive hearing test for free?

We believe in empowering you by providing you with a clear understanding of your hearing loss and available options, after taking the time to carefully understand your needs and hearing issues. Most clinics offer a free screening appointment, which is a simple 15-30 minute hearing check.

Our offer is for a detailed and complete 90-120 minute hearing assessment combined with a detailed yet easy to understand explanation of your hearing loss

A large number of first time clients we see for our free hearing assessment, have been previously tested elsewhere at some point (Average 89.93%). Interestingly an average of of people 64.71% coming in for our complimentary hearing test have never owned hearing aids previously.  Many clients choose to see us for a second opinion (avg. 52.81%).

There are, however, a variety of other reasons for seeing us. These include:

  • Receiving a more competitive quote form us prior to booking (avg. 14.56%)
  • Just shopping around (avg. 21.18%)
  • Looking at upgrading to new hearing aids (avg. 23.14%) or,
  • Simply wishing to get a better idea of available options (avg. 32.08%). 

If we did actually charge for what the 90 - 120 minutes clinical time was worth, it'd cost you well over $300! That is a lot of money to pay without understanding the value our unique assessment provides you. Also, no one wants to pay twice for something yet many people could benefit from a objective opinion based on all the facts.

As such, we decided to live up to our company vision and put our money where our mouth is, by offering 90-120 minutes of our valuable clinical time at no charge to qualified clients. This way you can benefit from a detailed hearing assessment and firm unbiased recommendations, without paying a cent.

We benefit in turn from being given the opportunity to empower and wow you. And, if we do an exceptional job, you may actually choose to continue working with us. To make sure you never feel under any pressure to work with us, we promise that you are NEVER under any obligation to work with us after the assessment. For the sake of transparency, between 70 and 80% of people who choose to come in to see us decide out of their own free will to make us their hearing care provider and obtain their hearing solution from us. 

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I received what I thought was the best professional advice to resolve my hearing problems, with no pressure to purchase the latest, most expensive hearing aids, as a previous hearing centre had advised me to do. You showed me several options, and explained to me the benefits of each option, with no pressure whatsoever, and it is because of this experience that I have no reservations in giving my recommendations  to other people to use Value Hearing as a solution for their hearing problems.

Howard F.


Value Hearing was the best hearing aid consultation I have experienced - I have dealt with them from Denmark, Surrey UK, Cape Town and elsewhere on the Gold Coast since 2006 - nothing like it!. Your systems are top class and your latest technology is awesome - shared all the information with me and all the information was clear and in writing - no ambiguity. Also the test was more thorough and the discussion about the choices was comprehensive. I would recommend all to go to Value Hearing for an excellent experience.

Carl P.


How is our Free Hearing Assessment different?

Holistically understanding your hearing and your needs takes time

Standard hearing assessments last between 30 and 60 minutes. This means things are often rushed or the clinician is forced to tell rather than empower you. This is quite typical of the medical model. 

Our approach is to be generous with our time. This gives both you and our clinicians a relaxed environment, where together you can explore your needs, your frustrations, your hearing and your relevant medical history. This helps form a compressive and holistic view of your unique situation. 

It all starts with a conversation with you regarding your hearing related medical history, the difficulties and frustrations you are having with your hearing as well as to gain an understanding of your lifestyle and the impact hearing loss has on the quality of your life. We also pay attention to the little things, such as your manual dexterity, vision, memory, tinnitus, support structure and even take the time to notice the kind of phone you use in order to tailor our recommendations in a manner that will best suit you. We take the time to listen with the aim of understanding without judgement or rush. 

We then continue with the normal run-of-the-mill tests which have been the industry standard protocol for the last 50 years as these are foundational in our understanding of your loss. But unlike many others we don't stop there. We make sure we perform testing to understand your hearing ability/limitations in the situations where you tend to have most difficulty as well. For most people, this is in the presence of background noise. As part of our detailed process, we take the time to assess your unique ability to hear speech in the presence of background speech babble noise as well. 

By doing all this we gain a complete understanding of the impact of your hearing loss on you and others, the physical dimensions of your hearing as well as your potential for improved hearing in quiet and in noise. This gives our clinicians a very clear perspective on your best course of action; whether it be to wait, to be referred for medical intervention or to consider hearing aids.

If hearing aids are indicated, we use our unique process of matching your hearing loss and hearing potential, in quiet and in noise combined with everything else we've learnt, to a specific hearing aid. This reduces the number of hearing aids available to you from potentially hundreds, to one or two which will provide the best benefit at the lowest cost while addressing your hearing as holistically as possible. This process is why our clinicians can make confident recommendations and can discuss what to expect early on.

We make sure you understand your hearing

Empowerment, however, has nothing to do with our understanding of your loss. It has everything to do with your understanding of your hearing and hearing loss. 

This is exactly why we employ the latest technology to keep you in the loop as the hearing test progresses. 

We use video Otoscopes, connected to a monitor, where you can see in your ears at the same time the clinician does. This way they can explain what they see, helping you to make sense of how everything fits together. 

During the pain free hearing tests, our clinicians make sure you are comfortable, understand what is needed from you and also explain what they are doing with each test. 

Once the hearing test has been completed, we once again use animations and graphics on a monitor in order to explain your hearing and hearing loss to you in easy to understand terms. They'll bring together all the tests as well as the issues you mentioned to help you understand why your hearing loss is affecting you in the way it does. 

Our clinicians are happy to explain anything else you might want clarity on and they are happy to answer any questions you may have. 

We make sure you understand your options

Once you have a clear understanding of the why and how of your hearing, our clinicians will proceed to explaining  your options to address your hearing. They will relate the recommended solution(s) back to what they have learnt from the preceding process and will explain how this solution might address your hearing loss. As they will have a clear understanding of your hearing potential, they can speak to you honestly about how things might work or not without hiding the inconvenient truths. This is important as some people just cannot do as well as they have hoped with hearing aids or other interventions. It is better to understand this upfront than be disappointed down the track. 

If hearing aids are indicated and we have appropriate stock available, our clinicians will offer you the opportunity to listen to them while simulating some of the situations you mentioned you had difficulty in. This gives you a clear perspective on size, appearance, sound quality, your ability to handle them as well as potential hearing improvement. Our clinicians will also provide you with a clear, detailed quote for the recommended hearing aid, so you know exactly what your solution may cost if you chose to proceed. You are then free to decide, without any pressure, what you wish your next steps to be. 

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Although I drove a long distance across the city and not such a confident driver, what a delight to enter the rooms of Value Hearing with courteous, exceptional reception staff, tea offered, directed to toilet facilities if needed and then WOW, ushered in to meet the Audiologist , a thorough history taken and then the commencement of the physical ear check, complete with my ears photographically displayed on a large screen in real time and everything about my ear explained , including the wax level, the reason I was feeling some itchiness of the ear related to a little dermatitis. This level of technology blew me away and although I have a nursing background and view client ears on a regular basis, I believe that even people without this knowledge would benefit from seeing their own internal ears leading to a better understanding at the end of their consult, why and how they have their hearing loss. As my consultation continued I was to be even more amazed how this advanced technology would unfold to demonstrate to me the levels of my hearing loss,(not just explained via a paper graph) the reasons for the loss, how it could be improved and once I selected the aids of my choice to have the improvement demonstrated to me in almost a life style scenario when the crowded bar room screen video was adjusted noise level wise to show how adjusting my aids could improve filtering out the background noise.

Sue A.


Do You Qualify for our Free Hearing Assessment?

It is not as difficult as you'd think

We offer this comprehensive free hearing test in our Perth, Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne and Canberra clinics.

As we are offering up a lot of valuable clinical time, we are selective as to who may be offered this comprehensive hearing test for free. 

We do prefer to keep things simple, so only have a handful of criteria:

  • You've never been to see Value Hearing before
  • You are based in Australia or are staying here for at least few months
  • You are over the age of 26 years old
  • You have confirmed hearing loss (through a previous test elsewhere or a hearing check)
  • You don't require this test for medical reporting reasons
  • You aren't doing this test for employment purposes
  • You aren't doing this test in order get your current hearing aids adjusted (charges apply for adjustments of hearing aids purchased elsewhere. 

Note: we do have separate appointment types available if you do need a test for medical, employment or hearing aid adjustment purposes. 

A medical referral is not required for this appointment. 

If you are a pensioner and recently (within current voucher) had a hearing test done elsewhere, we will offer a Discussion appointment at no charge. We will use your most results and fill in the blanks to complete the understanding of your hearing to our standards. 

Existing clients have access to a range of other appointments to discuss their needs. 

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