A Meditation on Hearing

Time to read: 7 minutes

When was the last time you had five minutes to yourself to think about the things which are really important to you?

We want you to do that now, ahead of your appointment with us at Value Hearing.

If you’ve filled in our intake questionnaire, you’ll see we’ve asked questions about your hearing loss. Now we’d like you to  think about the things you’re looking forward to with your best possible hearing.

Research has shown that people who sit down and think about their goals - how good it would feel to achieve them; what the consequences would be if the goals aren’t met - are more likely to take the positive steps to improve their lives.

So what about you? 

Why are you really getting hearing aids?

Doing so to please other people might seem like a good idea, but if the desire is not one you’ve embraced, you might not persevere.

Asking the why

healthy young man practice yoga in height mountain at early morning and sunriseBefore your appointment, we’d like you to think about all the reasons why you’re getting hearing aids.

We’re talking beyond ‘just want to hear better’. 

We want you to think about why you want to hear better.

  • Is it to hear the grandchildren?
  • Is it to enjoy conversations with your friends like you used to?
  • Is it to feel switched on at work?

Write down the first three things which come to mind about the reasons why you want your best hearing.

Going deeper

Now think about why those reasons are important. 

Imagine hearing your grandchildren speak clearly. What would they say? How would it make you feel?

Imagine taking part in conversations like you used to. Would you make wisecracks with your mates? Would you be fully involved in deep conversations? How would it strengthen your relationships?

Imagine having your best hearing at work. Would you feel more connected with your colleagues? How would you feel, knowing you are up to speed with everything happening around you? Would that change your approach to work for the better?

How would you feel in six months time, doing those things you enjoy, while hearing as well as you possibly can? Write those feelings down.

Nerdy scholastic young woman wearing geeky glasses standing thinking with her finger raised and a grimace of concentration in a humorous stereotypical depiction, over a dark background with copyspaceWhat’s the worst that can happen?

Now think about what your life might be like if you did nothing to address your hearing loss.

What might you be missing out on?

  • Precious moments with family?
  • Enjoying a social life with friends?
  • Promotion and productivity at work?

Write down three things which come to mind when thinking about the consequences of not addressing your hearing loss.

Ask why those things matter to you.

What if you couldn’t hear your grandchildren clearly? Would you be able to care for them? Would you enjoy their company as much? Would that make you happy or sad?

Would you go out and socialise with friends when hearing is so difficult? How would you feel missing out on the banter and repartee round the table?

Would your performance at work  be the same if you did not address your hearing loss? How would your productivity be affected? Would you feel frustrated?

Dealing with the negative emotion

How would you expect to feel in six months time, trying to do those activities and not hearing your best? Write how you feel.

The conclusion

Clearly identifying the reasons why you want your best hearing and visualising a future where it is a reality is a powerful motivator. Don’t be afraid to share your reasons with your clinician, they are here to work with you to do just that.

Knowing what matters to you helps us find the right hearing solution for you and increases the likelihood that you will get the very best from wearing hearing aids.

We look forward to our follow up appointments to find out how you’ve been going with your hearing aids. We love hearing about the ways hearing aids have improved your enjoyment in life.