Troubleshooting Hearing Aids - a user’s quick guide

Time To Read: 9 minutes

When you rely on your hearing aids, it's quite distressing when they don't appear to work. We have a guide on things you can look at straight away.

  • No sound
  • Sound is distorted
  • Whistling/feedback
  • My ear hurts
  • They won't connect to Bluetooth

Once you've been wearing hearing aids for a while, you'll know how essential they are getting the most out of life.

So it's no surprise that some clients experience a moment of panic when their hearing aids don't work.

While we welcome anyone to call us at anytime about their hearing aids, we have some great tips you might want to try before picking up the phone.

No sound

No ears? Oh no! Don’t worry, there are plenty of things you can check straight away:

  • Have you accidentally switched off your hearing aid?
    • Battery operated hearing aids
      • Make sure the door is closed
    • Rechargeable hearing aids
      • Hold the button for up to seven seconds until you see the light come on
      • Follow the instructions which came with your hearing aids
  • Is the volume too low?
    • The volume may have been accidentally turned down
      • Increase the volume to see if it makes a difference
  • Do your batteries need recharging?
    • You might have forgotten to put your phone on charge or your hearing aids may not have seated correctly in the charger
      • Put your hearing aids in to charge
  • Do you batteries need changing/inserting correctly
    • You might have forgotten to change your batteries or,
    • You might have put your batteries in upside down (you can tell because the battery door won’t close properly).
      • Ensure the batteries have been inserted correctly
      • Replace the batteries as required
  • Are the receiver tubes blocked?
  • Are the microphone ports blocked with wax?


The sound is distorted/ not loud

If, after trying these tips your hearing aids still don’t sound right, you may need to make an appointment as your hearing may have changed.

  • Is the hearing aid set to the right program?
    • It might have been accidentally set to the wrong one
      • Put it on the right program setting
  • Is the hearing aid set to the right volume?
    • It might have been accidentally set to the wrong one
      • Put it on the right volume setting
  • Have you cleaned dust or debris from around the controls?
    • They can get clogged.
      • Switched or roll the dials to dislodge any debris, then set to your normal program
  • Are microphone, tube, earpiece in need of cleaning?
  • Are the battery contacts corroded?
    • This is a more serious issue
      • Replace the battery and clean the contacts. If the contacts are seriously damaged, they will need to be returned for servicing
  • Does the hearing aid need drying/dehumidifying?
    • Try using a dryer/dehumidifier for 24 hours hours
      • Hearing aids need to be kept moisture free



Need some feedback on feedback?

  • Is the hearing aid inserted properly?
    • Sometimes hearing aids are misaligned in your ears
      • Don’t turn your head before the hearing aid is secured, or it might contribute to the problem.
  • Is the dome correctly sized for your ear?
    • Ill-fitting domes cause feedback.
      • Ask about trying a closed tip or a dome of a different size.
  • Is your hearing aid too loud?
    • Sometimes hearing aids set too loud can feed the signal back on itself.
      • Try using the hearing aid at a lower volume
  • Are your ears blocked?
    • You might have a wax build up
      • It might be a trip to the doctor or wax removal clinic is in order
  • Are there cracks in the tubing or ear hook?


My ears hurt

Signia Silk NxOuch! But the good news is, there are things you can try.

  • Have you put the hearing aids in the correct ears?
    • You might be surprised!
      • Remember red = right; blue = left
  • Are the moulds correct for your ears?
    • If the aids are still uncomfortable after a few days, speak with your audiologist who may suggest taking a new impression.
  • Does the tubing need to be extended?
    • If it is rubbing against your ears, speak with your audiologist
  • Have you tried this?
    • Place a dab of hearing aid gel or baby oil at the entrance of the ear after you remove your hearing aids each night.


My Hearing Aids Won’t Connect to Bluetooth

Oticon_Connectivity_ON_App_iPhone_7Note: You hearing aids still work as hearing aids, even if they do not or cannot connect to Bluetooth.

There are many different types of smartphones and smart devices on the market. It is important you are familiar with them and how your phone and devices work.

  • Connecting With Bluetooth
    • Go to Settings
      • Bluetooth – on
    • Open and close the battery door on right hearing aid (now in pairing mode for 3 minutes)
      • (Or turn rechargeable aid off and back on again)
    • If does not connect under my devices then you need to click on (i) and forget this device
    • Open and close the battery door on right and it will again search
      • (Or turn rechargeable aid off and back on again)
    • Should now show as connected
    • Open and close the battery compartment on left aid so connects to right aid
      • (Or turn rechargeable aid off and back on again)


  • For Volume Control
    • Open app – continue
    • Open and close battery doors on the left and right aids - Should pair aids
      • (Or turn rechargeable aids off and back on again)
    • If does not then need to press cog icon in the top right corner of the app
    • Click on My Hearing aids
      • Select My Devices
      • Choose Forget Devices
      • Open and close battery doors on both hearing aids (now in pairing mode for 3 minutes)
        • (Or turn rechargeable aids off and back on again)
      • App should search and find and offer to pair – pair one and then the other

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